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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amanda Lewis on Judge Gaylord Finch

The following letter to the editor was printed in the DC Examiner on Feb. 18, 2009.

"Judge Finch doesn’t deserve more time on bench"Re: “Judicial hot potato: Is Judge Finch fried?” Feb. 2Thanks for including my case in your article. Judge Finch placed my 9-year-old daughter in an environment where doing drugs and drinking alcohol are acceptable behaviors. I have been heartbroken over this verdict and worry about my daughter's welfare daily. Gaylord Finch is a horrible judge who frequently closed his eyes and appeared not to pay attention during my appeal. His lazy decision was based solely on the recommendations of another Fairfax County judge and the guardian-at-litem, who is now a Juvenile judge, too. I support my family as a registered pediatric nurse free of government assistance. I also became a foster parent to a teenage boy, now grown. The irony is that I am good enough to be a foster parent and a pediatric nurse, but according to the Fairfax court system, I am incapable of raising my own child!Thank you so much for exposing this corrupt judge. If something does happen to my daughter, I will hold him accountable.

– Amanda Lewis, Locust Grove, VA


  1. This man is a horrible judge. He made a terrible decision on my custoy case involving my two children on Aug 1st, 2011. He wouldn't even talk to them and so he ws not able to find out about the abuse that was going on. I got a protective order on behalf of my children here in Florida and the judge here attemptded to call him and he never returned his call for a UCCJEA hearing and as a result I lost the protection order. I have to return my children tomorrow back to their mother and abuse stepfather and they are affraid for their lives. I have raised them most of their lives and they have only lived there for this last year. I did a google search on him and found out he was a corrupt judge. I have to figure something out by tomorrow, some legal remedy and I'm financially drained. Someone out there please help me help my children. This is serrious. You have to hear the entire story and see all the evidence to truly understand. We need help ASAP! I can be reached at 904-671-5633 if anybody out there can help us please.

    1. of course you dont like him you lost. im the mother and he was right this is where the kids are stable and safe. just like you legally kidnapped my kids by keeping them in FL with your bogous protective order that cost me 5,000 to have a just throw it out, and order you to return the kids. AND THE JUDGE SAID HE WOULD TALK TO OUR OLDER DAUGHTER BECAUSE SHE WAS OLD ENOUGH BUT NOT THE OTHER YOUNGER SON BECAUSE HE WAS TOO YOUNG....YOU!!! JUSTIN, YOU SAID NO!!!! ME AND MY ATTORNEY AGREED TO LET THE KIDS TALK TO HIM. anyway your crazy and always will be, he is a good judge, yelled at me more than you, but in all he is a good judge maybe not the best but good!! most complaints are coming from parents who lost their case. and of course they have an ill prspective of that judge.
      you dont need help, you have called dss 100 times to my house, the kids are great, excelling in school and are happy, safe and where they should be. everything you say on here about me is a lie and has been proven to DSS...and many more. so stop your lying to get your way and try to co parent with me and get along, instead of making everything so much worse for the kids. how hard is that, 8 years and you still refuse to co parent and get along with me. your own fault.