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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Richmond Times Lead Editorial: Pitchfork Rebellion and Sunshine

Today's Richmond Times lead editorial is on the topic of judicial selection in VA and features The Pitchfork Rebellion.

The Richmond Times gets it. They liken Virginia's closed door selection of judges to "proceedings the Ottoman Empire would have considered baffling, if not inscrutable." We could not agree more. The way Virginia selects its judges is a regression of hundreds of years to the days of the British star chambers, meetings of secret administrative bodies that met between 1398-1641. The British did away with star chamber proceedings because their secrecy cast doubt upon the legitimacy of the proceedings. Yet, here we are in the 21st century with our state legislators meeting in secret to debate the merits of particular judicial candidates.

We need to reform judicial selection in VA to allow for complete transparency in the process and merit based selection of judges.

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  1. The fact that OUR courts do not yet video record and utilize 21st Century technology to be transparent is blatant evidence of corruption. Our family courts are star chambers. In 1989, Newport News judge imposters stole my kids and later Williamsburg judge imposters continued raping me of my constitutional right to be a parent. For fighing back, I spent a total of 9 months in Virginia's jails, went bankrupt, lost my career, driver's license...basically, my life, because the traitors on the bench collude with lawyers to create and perpetuate litigation by denial of the rights of litigants. For the list of perpetrators, synopsis of my case, and videos of others cases, see: