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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

VA Gubenatorial Candidates Agree: Judicial Evaluations and Reform Needed

Virginia Lawyers Weekly

Gov. candidates would reinstate judicial evaluations
July 25th, 2009 ·
Both Republican Bob McDonnell and Democrat Creigh Deeds apparently would restore the moribund program that gave lawyers, jurors, and citizens a voice in Virginia’s judicial selection process.
At the initial debate between the two candidates for governor, both endorsed a merit-based system of judge selection.
“We should reform the whole process,” Deeds told the audience at the Virginia Bar Association in Hot Springs. “We’ve got good judges. We lucked out, but we need reform.”
McDonnell boasted of his role in launching the judicial performance evaluation program that ground to a halt this year. “I’ll make sure we get that back on track,” he said.
By Peter Vieth

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  1. Yet neither Deeds or McDonnell will ACT to impeach a judge, John Wetsel, who compared an Army Veteran to Adolf Hitler after being falsely accused and coerced into an Alford Plea by a drug money skimming Democrat prosecutor Paul Thomson who is related by blood to former Democrat (and "Independent") Senator Harry Byrd.

    From this judge one man was executed this year, and one remains in jail after 15 years.