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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Attorney Roy Morris Testimony against Arlington J&DR Judge

DC Attorney Roy Morris testified Dec. 17 before the Courts of Justice Committee in Richmond about the problems in Arlington J&DR Court.  Morris did not mince words about Judge Esther Wiggins-Lyles of Arlington J&DR Court.  Listen to his testimony here:

Read the US Supreme Court brief Roy Morris wrote re: the Dr. Ariel King case by clicking here:


  1. Roy Morris has ultimately lost every single case he has been involved with in the King matter. Courts in at least 2 states and DC have found against him. Roy embellishes his reputation, exaggerates his achievements, and his representations regarding his litigation in the matter are not in keeping with the actual results of said litigation.

  2. I completely disagree with this ANONYMOUS post. It seems to take issue with one lawyer who I know personally and who is of the highest integrity and sharp legal knowledge. The "said" litigation -- by using those words the commentator indicates a legal perspective -- has been fraught with corruption, fraud, and discrimination that is illegal under federal Code. The sad result is that an innocent abused young child is harmed and completely withheld from her protective parent, all by the Virginia courts that lacked jurisdiction and appear to have been coerced and paid to throw a ruling to a rich litigant. This story is like a broken record in the Virginia courts -- if you're rich, you win. If you have a lawyer with political connections, you win. If you speak up, you're punished. This ANONYMOUS commentator exemplifies this corruption with the ANONYMOUS smear on on Mr. Morris.