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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fairfax Bar Association Lowers the Bar for Judicial Candidates

This just in... The Fairfax Bar Association has lowered the bar for aspiring Fairfax County judges.
For those of you out there interested in becoming a judge, all you need to do for your screening interview is complete an application and submit a resume of no more than 100 words (yes, that's right, the most they want to know about your career is 100 words, so you don't need much in terms of qualifications to be considered). You might even consider Tweeting your bio if you can get it under 100 words. Keep it short and Tweet.


  1. This is hilarious.

    By the way, the State of Florida said judges can't "friend" attorneys on Facebook.

    Probably because doing so paves a clearer trail to conflicts of interest. remains available to those who want change. Make a report and make a difference.

  2. In Virginia: Constitution of Virginia
    Article VI - Judiciary
    All justices of the Supreme Court and all judges of other courts of record shall be residents of the Commonwealth and shall, at least five years prior to their appointment or election, have been admitted to the bar of the Commonwealth. Each judge of a trial court of record shall during his term of office reside within the jurisdiction of one of the courts to which he was appointed or elected; provided, however, that where the boundary of such jurisdiction is changed by annexation or otherwise, no judge thereof shall thereby become disqualified from office or ineligible for reelection if, except for such annexation or change, he would otherwise be qualified.

    ** But - you do NOT need these qualifications to be a judge in Courts NOT of record (ie: family courts) and you can sit for the Va. State Bar Exam under the Va. law readers program - no LAW "school" required.